Do you need that extra insurance for the rental car?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

By J. Squires

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Let's review and see if you should purchase the rental car Insurance from the rental car agency and what other options may exist for you.

Do you have insurance? NO 😒

If you do not have auto insurance, then yes, submit to the pushy salesperson and purchase the optional insurance.

One of the options provides liability. Liability will cover you if you were to hurt someone and they were to sue you. Crossing your fingers is not an insurance policy. Things happen. At a minimum, buy the optional liability coverage.

The other option the bright-eyed salesperson is going to mention is the Damage Waiver. They'll use terms like Full damage and Partial damage. If you do not have Auto Insurance, you’re going to want the full damage. You could be the greatest driver ever (Dale Jr has a tattoo of you), but it’s the others on the road that are the variable to your trip. This coverage takes care of the damage to the auto. Unless you have a nice stockpile of funds to cover this out of pocket, I'd strongly consider adding it.

Do you have Insurance? Yes 😊

Way to adult! You have insurance so no need for the pushy, bright-eyed, pockets full of dreams salesperson to finish their spiel right?? Well, let them finish, just because you have insurance you may not be covered for all scenarios.

In Michigan and beyond, your liability follows you. You drive my truck and hurt someone, you’re getting sued. I drive your car because you totaled my truck and I hurt someone, I’m getting sued. Liability follows the driver. So you don’t necessarily need the Liability option. However, if you were to purchase it and need to use it, you wouldn’t need to involve your insurance carrier in the matter. You'd just moonwalk away from the rental car shop.

Now, assuming you have Comprehensive (AKA Other than Collision) and Collision on your vehicle(s), or what a lot of people call “Full Coverage”, doesn’t mean it automatically carries over to your rental car.

A lot of carriers require an add-on to the policy to cover this. This is a great option if you don’t mind paying the deductible and involving your insurance carrier. Plus, it’ll probably cost only a few dollars a month to add.

Citizens Insurance, for example, offers the Travel Right endorsement which comes with a ton of coverage. Not just covering the rental car, but trip interruption, and pet coverage too for a ridiculously inexpensive add on.

Auto-Owners Insurance on the other hand, (Another one of our amazing carriers) takes the best coverage you have on your policy and automatically applies it to the rental car. Others do this as well, but you just have to make sure before you opt to not purchase this coverage.

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Auto-Owners Insurance @The Fulcher Group

Again, even if you are covered, purchasing the damage insurance from the now somewhat defeated salesperson would prevent you from impacting your insurance rate and involving your insurance carrier in the event of an accident/damage to the rental car.

My Credit Card will cover it 🤞

I've heard numerous people spew this answer when asked if they'll purchase the optinal insurance. If you are entertaining this idea, just quadruple check first. Credit card companies are not known for their humanitarian goodwill. I've read there may be some hoops to jump through if you go this route. As far as limits and what is actually covered, only you can find out by contacting your Credit Card company.


The optional coverage from the Rental Car industry is pricey. If you have decent auto coverage, most carriers will have a product available that covers rental coverage way cheaper or may automatically include this coverage to the rental car. If that's the case, then it's completely up to you whether to purchase it or not. If you drive like you're Danica Patrick and believe stop signs are optional, then please buy the optional insurance. In the event of a claim, you would just give the horrified, once bright-eyed salesperson the keys and dance away.

Also, make sure to take pictures of the vehicle at pick up and drop off. It's hard to say you caused a dent when you have photo proof.


If you'd like to make sure you're covered correctly, call us at The Fulcher Group.

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