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How to Switch Insurance Agents


How to Switch Insurance Agents
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Are you happy with your insurance carrier but not your insurance agent? It is easy to switch insurance agents without affecting your current insurance policy. Some people stick with a bad insurance agent because they like their insurance rate with their current insurance carrier. It is not necessary to put up with bad customer service from a bad insurance agent/agency.

Reasons for Switching Insurance Agents

So you have made the decision to dump your insurance agent. A lot of different reasons can motivate you to make a change. Check out these common reasons for switching.

  • Terrible Customer Service,

  • Unavailability,

  • Personality Conflicts,

  • Moving within Your State.

Making the Switch

First, you will need to find an agent. The fastest way to find a new agent who sells insurance through the same insurance carrier you currently have is to go to your insurance carrier's website. Most carriers have a "Find an Agent" link on their homepage. Input your zip code and a list of carriers in your area will generate.

Let's say your old Agency is in Flint, MI and they sell Auto-Owners. We also sell Auto-Owners here at The Fulcher Group, so with the signing of a simple form, you could come to our agency at your renewal.

What If No Other Agents Appear in My Area?

If you live in a small town, it is possible no other agents are available. If you are still determined to replace your agent, broaden your search. Certainly, your agent is not the only one in the state to sell through a particular insurance carrier. You are allowed to switch to an agent within the state you reside in. Even if an agent is located a little further away, most transactions can be handled over the phone. Great insurance service is still attainable even without face to face meetings.

Talk to the Prospective New Agency

Talk to your new prospective agent/agency. Let them know what you have been dealing with and what you are looking for in an insurance agent. Once you get a good feel for them ask them how to go about transferring your current policy over to them. It only works if you are switching to an agent who sells the same insurance carrier and the agent is in the same state.

Guide to Transferring Insurance Agents

  • Know your policy number to all of your policies not just your car insurance.

  • Know your renewal dates.

  • Sign an "Agent of Record" form

That is it. Sign one piece of paper and at your next renewal, your insurance information and policy will be transferred over to the new agent. Your old agent will no longer have access to your policy once your policy is renewed. Payments, questions, and help with claims will now all be handled by your newly appointed agent.

Do I have to Notify My Old Insurance Agent?

No. The beauty of an agent transfer is it is all handled through the insurance carrier. Your old agent will probably be notified through the mail by the insurance carrier. Potentially the agent could contact you to investigate the situation, but most likely you will not need to speak with the old agent.

Will My Rate Remain the Same?

Everything should remain the same on your insurance policy. However, the transfer takes place at your renewal and your rate is subject to change at renewal time. Your rate ought to be the same whether you had made an agent transfer or not. Meaning if your rate did go up, it was going to go up while with the old agent too.

It is always a good idea to review your insurance policy at renewal time. Double-check your paperwork for your new insurance agent's name to verify the transfer was completed. Changing agents is this easy manner can only take place at renewal. If you need to switch sooner than your renewal, you will have to go through the quote process. Getting a new quote through the same insurance carrier could affect how much you pay due to earned discounts.

Switching insurance agents is an easy process. Do not let an agent's bad service keep you from the insurance carrier of your choice. A happy helpful insurance agent is out there waiting for your call. You just have to find him or her.

If you're not happy with your Agency, but love your carrier, then come over to The Fulcher Group. Our service team are all licensed insurance agents. Why trust the management of your insurance policies and ultimately the things that are important to you to an unlicensed Account manager?

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